Sepels delighted with Turfsport3!

We’re delighted to share feedback from Sepels regarding their new Turfsport Retail Wagering Platform!

By Friday, Sepels Best Bets will have rolled out the new Turfsport3 fully hosted wagering solution to 18 of their Sportsbet betting shops, excluding an additional 5 shops in Mozambique who are not permitted to trade yet.

Lennon Makukutu who is heading up Operations for Sepels, has this to say, “This wagering platform is just awesome because of the speed in which clerks can lay bets. Features contributing to this include easy access to frequently used fixtures, the ability to quickly and easily repeat bet details, and the option of using coupons to capture bets with no errors. The search function also makes it very easy to find the fixture that a punter has chosen to bet on.

Security features in this new system are also very good, particularly the role based permissions which are more granular than the previous system. This allows more defined access to various functionality for different users of the system.

And to top it off, after just one day of training, you are flying !”

Sepels’ new Turfsport Retail Wagering Platform is hosted on AWS and leverages RDS, EC2, CloudFront, S3, RedShift, DMS and a myriad of other services. This enables the Turfsport3 agile platform to provide a host of new features and capabilities, and deliver a superior user experience to Sepels staff and customers.