New game from Evolution: CASH or CRASH

Live from: 2021-09-22

Get ready to board a blimp and cruise the skies with Evolution’s exciting new Game Show, CASH OR CRASH Live!!

Cash or Crash is an exciting new Live Casino game show that’s easy to play, tactical and highly entertaining. There’s just one bet and huge potential winnings.

The game features a 20-step, ladder-style paytable. The higher you climb, the greater the payouts. For each green ball drawn you climb one step up the ladder, taking you to greater heights and larger cash payouts. If a red ball is drawn you crash and lose your winnings. But draw the gold ball and you get a shield that not only protects you from the next red ball but can also increase the payouts on the paytable.

For each drawn green ball, you can decide to Continue, Take Half or Take All. Climb to the top of the paytable ladder and you can win up to 18000x – and up to 50,000x if you’ve drawn the gold ball.

The gold ball also triggers a Bonus Round, where decisions are skipped (since you are shielded from crashing). Just sit back and watch as hopefully more green balls are drawn and accelerate your place upwards on the paytable.

Cash or Crash takes you on a unique, immersive journey with the chance to reach thrilling heights and significant riches!

Watch the Teaser Video via the following link: .

Review more details including game description and how to play here: Cash_or_crash_flyer_2021

The Cash or Crash Game Show is scheduled to go live on the 22nd September, subject to Gaming Board approval being in place by then.

The  Full Marketing pack easer marketing pack for Cash or Crash is available in the Evolution Client Area, and the Cash or Crash Dropbox,

Kindly note Evolution Services SA will do a proof of concept for the WCGRB and also apply for approval at manufacturer level in an effort to streamline the approval process for bookmakers.

This means that bookmakers will only need to apply for permission to offer the game against Evolution Services SA approval by attaching our approval (previously done for recertification of Dream Catcher, etc) as we would have already had the game rules approved. WCGRB approval, will of course be contingent on the bookmakers B2C certification being in order. Please submit your request for approval together with the game rules Evolution Game Rules New Game – Cash or Crash v1