Improvements To Evolution’s Blackjack User Interface

Video zooming  (portrait only) – zoom in the game video during the game round. That feature is using for switching between the game phases to help players quickly recognise the current one and during a game round to show a bigger part of the screen for better game experience

Focus mode  – hiding other player’s game elements like nicknames, scores and etc. That lets the player concentrate on his hands only

Blackout  (during decision time in Focus mode) – shading all other hands on the table, helping the player focus on his current hand and don’t miss a decision

Laser  – highlighting hand which turns is now, that helps to follow the game. For your hand, it is yellow color and for other players a white one.

Updated score boxes  – which are combining player’s scores, decision indicator, and game result icons. That helps to reduce the noise on the table by making fewer elements

Flying chips  – chips are flying from player to the table and from dealer to the player to make the game flow more realistic

Square buttons  – new buttons that are much harder to miss-click, plus blended with a good animation.

Seat here buttons  – new suitable buttons for every table



  • The above enhancements do not apply to Infinite Blackjack, Free Bet Blackjack and Power Blackjack.
  • The implementation of these enhancements are seamless and no technical integration actions, or re-approvals are required.

Live from: 2021-03-31