FirstBet goes Online


Firstbet’s online betting platform – set up by Turfsport entirely during the level 5 lockdown!

The new Firstbet online betting platform brings the number of Turfsport online sites in South Africa, to seventeen!

Firstbet have always had a close relationship with their betting customers. Up until very recently, they were solely a retail-based operation aiming to provide an entertainment experience within the shopping hub of the communities they serve.

Firstbet also regularly communicate with their customers via messenger groups, and it soon became apparent at the start of lockdown that an online presence would be the only way to maintain this relationship.

What was initially a pipedream for Firstbet’s founder, became a reality in an astonishingly short timeframe. The setup, approvals and customisation of the new Firstbet online website provided by Turfsport, all happened during the level 5 lockdown – highlighting just what can be done when the organisations involved, mostly working from home, are determined enough.

We were proud to receive this compliment from Firstbet’s CEO, Gavin Chamberlain: “You guys have been great and offer a superior support infrastructure – thank you.”

This is a great example of what can be done by two companies determined to find a way forward in challenging circumstances