Evolution’s General Marketing Guidelines

This information servers to inform,

Evolution’s General Marketing Guidelines for your consideration when utilising Evolution marketing assets in campaigns to promote our popular games.


The Evolution marketing team makes marketing assets available to all clients, in the Evolution client area. These assets include thumbnails, banners, videos and Gifs, and they are all approved by the marketing department for use on operator websites, social media, and 3rd party marketing affiliates.


Campaign Approval


Certain campaigns you may run require approval from the Evolution marketing team before they are able to go live. These campaigns are:

  • Television Ad Campaigns
  • Radio Campaigns
  • Prominent /Major ATL campaigns with a broad reach


Use only approved marketing assets and logos in your campaigns to prevent delays with approvals. Requests for assets and campaigns to be removed from your website could also happen if they do not comply with Evolution or 3rd Party rights-holders’ marketing guidelines.


The use of unique or animated marketing assets may be considered. Kindly allow sufficient time before roll-out for amendments to be made to your assets, if required.


Guidelines for Radio and Television Commercials


A short, written briefing for Radio and Television ads should be provided to your Key Account Manager (KAM), who will pass it on to the marketing team for approval. We recommend a minimum of 10 days’ notice to your KAM, but if changes need to be made, approval could take up to 28 days.


Please include the following with your briefing:

  • The Campaign overview and objective
  • The script and video / audio materials
  • The TV channel / radio station it will go live on
  • How long the campaign will run (start and end dates)


Marketing Display


When marketing 3rd party or branded games such as Deal or No Deal, Monopoly Big Baller, Knight Rider, etc., please ensure that the latest legal lines are displayed on the marketing assets at all times.

All 3rd party/ branded games have brand guidelines under each asset on the EVO Client Area, which contains information on how game assets should be utilised, and which legal lines and colours need to be applied etc.


Non-compliance in this regard will result in Evolution requesting suspension of the campaign until the correct assets are implemented.


Only one branded game may be displayed on the screen at a time. Non-branded (Evolution, Ezugi, Red Tiger and NetEnt) games may be displayed side by side on the same screen of the television ad.

Live from: 2022-10-11