Evolution’s Fan Tan available from September 2021

The ancient Asian game of Fan Tan is a beautiful game that’s also easy to understand and play.

But beyond the simplicity, there’s a rich array of additional bets that make it extra exciting and fascinating. This game is as classic as they come. It’s a popular game of pure chance that’s travelled the world, and is now available as an Evolution Live Casino offering.

Central to the game are beautiful beads, initially covered by a glass dome. During betting time, the dealer uses a metal cup to separate out a random number of these beads. Fan Tan is a game based on repeated division of the beads, and the dealer then sorts all the beads from he cup selection into lines of four using a special wand. The dealer continues to remove the beads in lines of four at a time from the cup selection, until a final line of beads remains. The final remaining beads are placed in a line at the centre of the table.

You are betting on the number that will remain in this last line of beads. Will it be 1, 2, 3 or 4 beads?

Fan Tan can be played with a choice of two views – the default view or advanced view. The default game view displays the main Fan Tan bet types, while the advanced game view includes even more of the traditional Fan Tan bet types.


  • Easy to play
  • Plenty of betting possibilities
  • Choice of two betting views – default or advanced
  • Statistics available in several types of scoreboards.



Bookmakers need approval from their provincial regulation authority / gambling board, to offer this new game.

(Use this handy template to request permission from your provincial regulating authority (gambling board) to offer this game.)