BettaBets opt-in on Turfsport3 book-a-bet

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BettaBets have implemented the new Book-a-Bet feature which is available to all their customers either via free in-store WiFi for use on their mobile phones, or via the multiple touch screen terminals dotted around the branches. This has made the transaction time significantly faster.

Long-term Relationship

BettaBets have enjoyed a long-term relationship with Turfsport, having used our wagering software in over 30 of their stores which span across five provinces in South Africa, since starting out in 2010.

Now that Bettabets have completed the roll out of our latest “Turfsport3” wagering software, we took the opportunity to catch up with Lawrence and Roberto who manage operations and in-store support to get some feedback on how it has been working for them.

We were very happy to hear how much they appreciate the improvements such as branch level security, usability, speed to take bets, and the new features including book-a-bet. But what really touched our heartstrings was hearing how highly the relationship between our company and our customers, is valued.

Turfsport’s software is already known for its ease of use and range of customisable options to meet a bookmaker’s unique operational requirements. Lawrence and Roberto praised Turfsport management’s responsiveness in taking the time to understand additional ideas and requirements, and where possible and feasible, to include these in the new software.

One of these is the new in-store displays which has been made available, providing bookmakers with customisable options for sport fixtures and lotto results across multiple channels.

We were especially delighted to hear how much Bettabets rate the helpfulness and professionalism of our support staff. At Turfsport we pride ourselves as a trusted partner to our customers, who in addition to bookmakers, include provincial and national legislators and gambling boards. We comply strictly with legislative requirements, we DO NOT compete with our customers as bookmakers, and we endeavour to help our customers every step of the way.

The feature-rich Turfsport3 modules including retail, online book-a-bet and in-store displays are all hosted on AWS and leverage RDS, EC2, CloudFront, S3, RedShift, DMS, and a myriad of other services. These enable the Turfsport3 agile platform to provide the capabilities and superior user experience to delight Bettabets staff and customers.

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