Betgames changes to BOP & BOB

We have two more exciting changes to announce with regards to both our Bet on Poker and Bet on Baccarat games. (See attachment)

Changes to Bet on Poker:

  • Added time between cards dealt gives players more time to decide.
  • Enhanced card visibility for easier play on mobile devices.

Changes to Bet on Baccarat:

  • Time reduced from 2 minutes, to around 60-80 seconds to speed up the game.
  • Betting round times are shortened and now are 15 seconds, making the game quick and more enjoyable.
  • Low Latency – delay times change from 7 seconds, to less than 2.
  • Improved video quality – from 540p to maximum 1080p.


We are sure you will agree that these changes will only enhance the user experience and go a long way to improving results.

Live from: 2021-11-09

Download the brochure here