Announcing the new Turfsport wagering solution – 25 Sept 2018

Turfsport 3

The new Turfsport3. Fully hosted centralised solution and enhanced functionality. Here are some of the highlights of the new Turfsport3 betting software

1. Fully hosted centralised solution
The new Turfsport Wagering solution uses a completely different architecture in line with other innovative leading software companies. This is a fully hosted centralised solution (also known as Software-as-a-Service) and brings advantages such as:

  • Customers do not have to invest in costly hosting infrastructure.
  • The solution can be rapidly scaled to respond to business needs.
  • Quicker version upgrades with less downtime.

2. Enhanced functionality 
In addition to the advantages of this leading-edge architecture, we have enhanced functionality in response to customer feedback, specifically in these areas:

  • Speed and ease to take a bet using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to present the most useful betting options tailored for each teller. This improves the betting experience for both tellers and punters resulting in shorter queues and improving the betting churn.
  • A much broader offering for punters including more games to bet on and extended bet types.
  • A robust cash management system that controls and tracks all cash in the shop, including the teller balances, petty cash, floor limits, expenses and the shop cash on hand “vault”.
  • Improved security with extensive and flexible permissions allowing the customer to select the required level of security to prevent fraud such as exploitation of unclaimed winning bets.
  • Risk management with the option for customers to select the data they wish to report in an easy to view graphical format.
  • Rich Management Information (via a new module known as Turfsport Insight) allowing customers to quickly spot trends and zoom into areas of interest, providing all the data to fine-tune operations.

When can you expect to see the new Turfsport Wagering solution?

We will start migrating our customers to the new Turfsport Wagering solution from the first quarter of 2019*.

Discussions and demos will be set up with all of our customers from end of October 2018, so that you know exactly what to expect and we can design a migration plan to match your requirements.