Adapting to challenging times with Turfsport


We believe that the changes in living and work practices brought about by recent events are not temporary, and that life as we know it, will never be the same again.

Turfsport is actively taking the steps to adjust to the new environment that we find ourselves in. And that means doing what we can to help you succeed in these challenging times too.


Adjusting the roadmap of our new Turfsport3 wagering solution

  • We plan to make the new Turfsport3 wagering platform and new features available even sooner – particularly the new Online betting solution.
  • We have already integrated this new online channel with other platforms to provide new online offerings. These include our enhanced lotto solution and the GoldenRace range of live games such as Mega7 (which is a good replacement for the UK 49’s while they are not available), Spin2Wheels, Live Roulette and Keno.
  • Our latest Turfsport3 release also supports Jackpot bet types, with the option of insurance.

Turfsport3 Online Solution


Extending the legacy Turfsport2 functionality

For those customers who are still using our Turfsport2 Online channels, we are also

  • enabling new payment instruments such as 1voucher,
  • assisting our customers in providing eSports betting options, and
  • rolling out new products such as the mega7 draws for those customers who want them.


Turfsport will continue to explore new and innovative solutions to improve our offerings to you. Why not chat to us to explore the solutions that will work for you – now and in the future?